Ackerman Mediation

Doug is available to mediate pre-suit, during litigation or while the case is appealed.  While Doug is available to mediate any circuit civil matter, he has substantial experience in the following areas of law:

  • Construction litigation
  • Insurance coverage
  • Commercial and business disputes:
  • Fraud
  • Civil theft
  • Claims in equity
  • Non-compete disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Condominium and HOA disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Land use, zoning, permitting, etc.
  • Negligence and intentional torts
  • Personal injury
  • Real property disputes
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Operating agreement disputes
  • Constitutional litigation

Doug is available for either in-person mediations or video mediations.  Doug is an active questioner and will poke and prod all parties’ positions.  He does not believe a mediator merely shuffles numbers back and forth.